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Welcome to the online home of INTO THE WISE DARK! Here, you will find links to interesting information I discovered while doing research for the novel. None of the videos and/or articles necessarily reflect my own beliefs or views. I offer them here as a starting point for you to begin your own research journey. Click on the links below, then continue learning and discovering--it's a lot of fun!

Reviews of the Book

Indus Valley Civilization

Kumari Kandam



The Happy Nappy Bookseller

Indus Valley Civilization 


The Wiki page

A website about ancient India

The impact of Dravidians on Indian civilization

Video: Indus Valley Civilization (Mohenjo-Daro)
A wonderful re-creation of life in the valley

Video: Achievments of the Indus River Valley Civilization
This one juxtaposes images of the Indus Valley and images of current cities,
showing how the Indus Valley civilization may have contributed to the way we live life today

Video: Pre-Harappan Ancient City Found   Part 2   Part 3   Part 4   Part 5
One of the best documentaries I've seen on Kumari Kandam and the Indus Valley Civilization
It is in five parts--definitely worth it to watch all five!

Kumari Kandam 

Video Excerpt: Ancient India and World (History Channel)
Fascinating stuff about Kumari Kandam as well as other sunken sites.
This one suggests aliens had something to do with the lost civilizations.

Video (Part 1): Pre-Harappan Ancient City Found
This link is in the Indus Valley section above, but I wanted it here as well
because some of the info on Kumari Kandam
contradicts info in the above History Channel documentary

Video: The Lost Lemuria Continent

Sepia Mutiny Post

Article in The Hindu

A Looong Article With Lots of References



The Wikipedia page

Dravidian Architecture
The dome temples in Wise Dark resemble the above temple.
But check out the other architecture in this link--simply amazing.

Africans and Dravidians

Aryans and Dravidians




The Wikipedia entry has a great list of megalith sites in Asia, Africa,
North and South America, the Middle East, and Europe.

Pakistan Megalith Site in Kalula

Stone Circles in The Gambia

Megaliths Around the World

The Great Sphynx of Pakistan
In some places, they imply that the Pakistani Sphynx is a natural formation.
I highly doubt that.